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Website design can be done by anyone.  GOOD website design requires special training and a gift for graphics.  EXCELLENT website design goes beyond the visual, and includes content which will be picked up by Search Engines so that people will find your website once it is built.  We strive for EXCELLENCE in every aspect of designing each website.

At Winning Website Creations we specialize in creating new websites, and rebuilding old websites, for individuals, charities, small and medium-sized businesses, at a very reasonable price, and then, if you wish, teaching you how to make text changes yourself. This means that you don’t have to wait to change dates, special offers, links, phone numbers, etc. You have access to make those changes yourself, or you can have a fully managed site where you tell us the changes you want made, and we do them for you, usually the same day.

All websites include:

  one domain name (example:

  SSL Certificate (makes your site https instead of http, showing it is secure)

  editing of content for grammar and spelling, and the inclusion of keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  Website Design Cubesup to five personalized email addresses with YOUR domain name

  photo enhancement, cropping and sizing to perfectly suit the page

 monthly (or more often) sitemap submission to search engines

 submission to local directories where appropriate

  database and file backups as often as needed for your site

 extra layer of security against hackers

  all websites are optimized for fast loading

We will build the site live on your domain name so that you can have input at every stage of the process.

Once the website looks the way you would like it to be, then we will start optimizing the content to make it ready for the search engines by making sure that your keywords appear where they should, that your images are labelled, that your content is not too long or too short, etc.

After the website is optimized we will create a site map (a file that lists your pages to tell the search engines the organization of your content).  We will then verify your website with each of the large search engines, and submit it for indexing.

We will then set you up for automatic backups according to how often you will be changing the site, and finally we will add another layer of security for protection from hackers.

When everything is complete, if you wish, we will explain how you can make your own text changes to YOUR website.  If necessary we will create an instruction manual for you and your staff, but if you prefer, we can just make the change(s) for you as needed.

And finally, to complete the process, we will ask if you need us to design business cards or other promotional materials to match your website.

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