What Makes Us Different Than The Big Guys?

We ARE different than the big guys! We would love to have your business and we are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with the services we provide.

Our prices are among the best you will find, our services exceed all others, our support is exceptional, but most importantly, we strive to give YOU control over YOUR website.

image of different manequin standing on one hand with others watchingWe are here to help you along, and will give you any assistance you need, but if you can make your own changes as your website evolves, wouldn’t that be your preference, rather than having to ask an administrator to do it, and then waiting until they can find the time.

One of the websites we created was a direct result of the Administrator of their old website taking up to a year to make changes, so their website was always out of date.  Now they make their own changes whenever they want. No more waiting, and no more exorbitant bills for making small changes, and we make the big changes for them as needed.

As long as you continue to host your website with us we will be happy to show you how to make any additions and changes, or we will do it for you, without any additional cost.

To summarize, we offer peace of mind.  Your website will be created as you want it, changed when you want it changed, and it will be maintained – software updates as needed, regular backups, sitemap creation, submission to Search Engines, and it will be monitored to assure vigilant security.

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