About Domain Names – Understanding The Basics

First you need a name for your website, like “Winning Website Creations“.  Next you need a Domain Name.  A Domain Name is the “address” where people will find you, like “https://winningwebsitecreations.com“.All websites have a numerical address like but few people want to remember long strings of numbers so the Domain Name System (DNS) was invented.  It matches the numerical address to the domain name.

A domain name always has two or more parts separated by dots and typically consists of some form of a business name, and a three letter or more suffix. Another name for the “address” is URL (Universal Resource Locator) – pronounced “earl”.

image of domain suffixesAll domain names start with http:// or https://

“http” stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is the basis of communication for the worldwide web.

“https” indicates that the website is secured with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate.  It will show a closed padlock.  An SSL Certificate ensures that information to and from your website is encoded.  If you are taking people’s email addresses, usernames and passwords, or other sensitive information, then you should invest in an SSL Certificate.  If you have an ecommerce website then you definitely need it.  It will also give you a very slight boost in your ratings with Google.

“www” (World Wide Web) used to be part of all URL’s but it is no longer needed.

Suffixes are the part of the Domain Name after the “dot” like .com, .ca, org, .net and so on.

“.com” is the default that will always come to the top of the Search Engines, so if you can get a .com domain name that is best.

So when choosing a domain name, try to choose one that is the same as your website name, or something shorter since the longer the name, the more chance of typos, and try to get the .com suffix.

If your business is limited to Canada, then a good option, if .com is not available, is .ca – only available to businesses in Canada.

“.com” stands for a commercial site, .org is for organizations, .edu is for learning institutions, and so on.

Domain names cannot be bought outright.  They must be renewed every year, usually at about $20/yr.

We will facilitate the purchase of your domain name for you, configure it to work with your website, and will renew it for you as it comes due.


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